Caroni rum - 09/02/2012 www.wiskyfun.com

Caroni Rum 1997/2011 (46%, Silver Seal, Trinidad)         

Colour: full gold. Nose: no obvious oaky tones here, rather unexpected notes of... black olives. Well, we shouldn’t be surprised, olives, usually black ones, are often to be found n some rums in my experience. I’m not talking about James Bond. Other than that, we get motor oil, heavy tar, brine, camphor... And no, it’s not some Ardbeg sherry cask! Lovable... Mouth: brilliant. More or less the same notes as on the nose but also a feeling of hessian, earth, mushrooms... And always these olives. Rum for malt drinkers! Finish: long and pretty salty. I told you, Islay... All what’s missing is peat. Comments: spectacular whisk... rum. I think any whisky (or olive) lover who’d like to try some rum should love this style. SGP:462 - around 90 points. Not ‘around’ actually,